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Rachelle is an anointed Singer, Songwriter and Worship Leader.  She ministers with a powerful gift of song at her home church "Faith Church"  and has made several appearances over the years on TBN (Trinity Broadcast Network) an international Christian based TV station.


She is a classically trained vocalist and musician who was raised to play the flute, piano, organ, and violin.  Rachelle has since released several Gospel and Praise & Worship Albums which have brought comfort, healing, and restoration to hurting hearts through the message of our Lord Jesus Christ.  She has a keen musical ear and has played roles ranging from vocalist & songwriter, to arranger/producer and has had several songs on Christian radio. Her heart is to bring comfort, wholeness, and restoration to the broken hearted.  God’s presence is revealed when she is sharing her gifts/talents - even if you are just hiring her to sing the National Anthem or God Bless America for your local event!


Rachelle is also one of the co-founders of "CILM Music" - a 501(c)3 Outreach Ministry Organization based out of New York - in which she travels to share her faith and love of Jesus Christ through personal testimony, speaking/teaching, and song.  She minister's at events such as Women’s & Ministry Conferences, Healing & Prayer Crusades, Gospel Concerts etc..  All her music works are owned by CILM Music/501(c)3 organization and Rachelle makes no royalties or proceeds from her music sales.  She chooses to have all proceeds further the Gospel of Jesus Christ through creating more music and supporting the vision of the ministry.

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